Different Types and Properties of Rivets

Fastening technology has undergone massive advancement during the last five decades. This is the reason that today the market is full of good and superior quality buildings. Rivets help fasten or join different objects together offering support to the building industry in the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi. There are various types of rivets that have been designed to meet varied aspects like strength, cost and convenience.

Different Types and Properties of Rivets

Types of Abu Dhabi Rivets

  1. Solid head rivets – these are the oldest forms of rivets that are used. These types contain a head and shaft. These are used in areas where safety is one of the most important aspects like within an aircraft. This form of rivet is quite reliable and dependable. Thousands of this type of rivet is used to prepare the framework of aero planes.
  2. Structural steel rivets that were conventionally used for welding and riveting purpose have now been replaced by the high-strength bolts.
  3. Semi-tubular rivet has a partial hole at the tip just on the other side of the head. Rest all features are same as that of a solid rivet. The force required to apply a semi-tubular rivet is one-fourth the amount of force required for applying a solid rivet.
  4. Blind rivets or pop rivets are tubular in shape and mostly available with a mandrel, a roundish object, at the center. The structural blind rivets that come with locked mandrel are quite commonly used. There are also the non-structural blind rivets that are widely used in the aircraft industry.
  5. Oscar rivets are quite alike the blind rivets as far as their look and installation process is concerned. They, however, have three splits along the shaft that is hollow. This kind of rivets is widely used in high-vibration applications.
  6. Drive rivet – is again quite like the blind rivet but has a shorter mandrel that seems to be projecting out of the head.

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