Dufast Core Values & Strengths

High product quality and excellent service

We supply products of highest quality and offer services that create genuine added value for our customers. We are satisfied with our products and services only when our customers are satisfied. Through all our business activities we promote awareness of quality – and encourage our customers and partners to do the same.

Our customers and suppliers are our partners

Good relations to our customers, partners and suppliers are a key to our success. Rather than being satisfied with short-lived success, we intend long-term relationships.

Flexibility and strive for improvement

We believe that the key to success in a fast changing, competitive world is flexibility and the ongoing strive to improve our performance. As a result, we are a dynamic and responsive company that is committed to delivering consistently high quality fasteners to customers in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

One-shop solution

We simplify the procurement processes of our customers with covering a wide portfolio of construction fasteners. If we don’t have a product available we use our broad network to source the right fastener for our customers to deliver

Dufast office is geographically well positioned with a link to the world

We are strategically based in the heart of the Middle East to be close to our customers to ensure a short response time and an on time delivery. From the start of our business we have established a wide network of partners and suppliers throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Through our European management and own employees based in Germany, we stay close to our suppliers, customers and partners located in various European countries.

Technical Expertise

We use our strong technical expertise in order to consult the most (cost) efficient fasteners and always supported by required documentation. Our team supports our clients during the design, mock-up, procurement, delivery, installation and after sales of their projects as we very much value a hassle free customer experience.

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